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Founded in 2015, Skyview Security is Ontario’s leading security firm.

About Skyview Security

Skyview Security is ideally positioned in the industry, combining the considerable knowledge, local resources, and capabilities of larger international suppliers with our core beliefs. Our primary aim is to protect life and our clients’ assets and properties. Over four decades, we have created a reputation for service excellence by using proven technologies and innovative solutions. We invest in the development of our workforce, ensuring continual learning and progress at all levels of the business.
We are dedicated to recognizing and rewarding our employees for their professionalism and unwavering commitment to our clients. At Skyview Security, we understand that their success translates to our success.

Core Mission & Value

Our mission and values help shape our company’s purpose. Without them, we have no guidance, no ambition, and no reason. As such we stress the following in our day to day activities:


As a security company, the most, if not all, of our business relationships are founded on a foundation of trust created through a history of honest and sincere acts. No matter how difficult the circumstances, our guards, customers, and their clients are always treated with courtesy and respect.


Skyview security guards are trained to resolve problems or potential threats on their own or to direct them to the right personnel in a timely and professional manner. Unless otherwise stated, Skyview's goal is to avoid involving its clients in trivial matters.


At Skyview, strong communication skills and the ability to respond quickly are held paramount when selecting team members. Effective communication enables us to handle issues swift and without much provocation. We believe 80% of security is providing good customer service


Once a problem or potential risk is detected, Skyview guards are trained to proactively handle it themselves or direct it to the correct personnel in a timely and professional manner. Skyview’s goal is to avoid the need of involving their clients when dealing with trivial matters unless otherwise specified.
Skyview Security

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